Sometimes, a tooth extraction may be necessary due to an accident, injury or extreme decay. If a tooth with decay is beyond repair with a normal filling or crown, only extraction will prevent further damage to your mouth. An extraction is when a tooth is removed entirely from your mouth. The team at Dentistry at Millennium Park makes every effort to preserve your teeth as much as possible, but sometimes an extraction is needed. 

While tooth extraction may sound worrisome, your comfort and safety are always the priority. We strive to create a stress-free environment with the highest standards of care so we can perform the extraction and get you back on track to a healthy smile.

Am I A Candidate for Tooth Extraction?

While we strive to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible, sometimes a tooth extraction is the only solution. A tooth extraction may be necessary if you have: 

  • Overcrowding issues
  • Infections
  • Wisdom teeth 
  • Baby teeth that you have not lost 
  • Braces and need to create room for teeth to straighten

Tooth Extractions in Chicago

Our team at Dentistry at Millennium Park has been handling tooth extractions in Chicago for decades. We’re experts in keeping your smile healthy and keeping you happy. We offer the best care before and after your procedure to ensure you heal beautifully with the results you desire. If you have any questions about this procedure or wish to schedule an appointment, call today at (312) 883-9316.

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