CEREC Crowns

Modern dental technology has revolutionized many treatments, and it has never been easier to treat damaged, decayed or injured teeth with a ceramic crown. In fact, with the help of a CEREC system, our team can create your crown in just one visit!

CEREC crowns are a state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry solution that prevents multiple visits while still delivering the same durable, quality, permanent restoration.

We at Dentistry at Millennium Park are proud to offer CEREC Same-Day Crowns as a treatment option for patients.

What is a CEREC Crown?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a time-saving digital method for tooth restoration that involves creating a ceramic crown in just one visit. 

CEREC crowns eliminate the need for creating impressions, sending those impressions to a dental lab and giving you a temporary crown to wear in the meantime. Patients who choose CEREC can get their dental cap securely placed that same day.

What is the difference between a regular dental crown and a CEREC crown?

The biggest difference between a CEREC crown and a traditional crown is the amount of time and steps needed to make it. A traditional crown requires multiple visits, while a CEREC crown only requires a single visit.

For patients who choose a traditional crown, the process begins with taking impressions of your teeth and sending them to a dental lab to create a match. The creation process takes a few weeks, during which you’ll have a temporary crown to protect the affected tooth. Once your new crown arrives, we will prepare your tooth for placement and attach it permanently.

Unlike a traditional crown, CEREC doesn’t require weeks of waiting. There also is no need for a temporary crown, since the tooth cap is ready for placement in one visit. The machine makes a digital impression of your teeth, so your crown is made in-house right away and not a lab.

One advantage of a traditional crown is you can choose the material used to make it. CEREC is a solution for ceramic crowns, but traditional dental caps can be made from metal, composite resin, porcelain or ceramic material.

Both methods of getting your crown are equally effective in the long term. But since the processes are so different, there will be a difference in the dental crown cost, too. If you have any questions about costs and financing, give us a call at (312) 883-9316.

How Does CEREC Work?

We begin the process by taking a digital impression of your teeth with the CEREC machine. Using industry-leading CAD/CAM imaging, the machine creates a crown that exactly fits and matches the rest of your mouth. 

Next, the machine creates or mills your crown out of ceramic that matches the color of the rest of your teeth. Meanwhile, we prepare your tooth, and within a few hours, your crown is ready for placement. 

While crowns are a permanent solution for damaged teeth, chips, cracks and injuries can happen. For this reason, Dentistry at Millennium Park offers implant restoration services to replace crowns as needed.

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